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Municipality Methandienone Msds of the County of Antigonish council has approved a re zoning application for a planned development at "Anabolika Definition" Mount Cameron Estates.

Council gave the green light during a special meeting July 3. Smith Development Ltd., as part of a development agreement, has proposed constructing an 85 unit retirement living complex and 26 unit townhouse and semi detached development for Mount Cameron Estates Retirement Village.

Council approved first reading of the planning advisory committee recommendations for re zoning at its May meeting.

During a public meeting June 18, prior to the regular monthly council session, Eastern District Planning Commission representatives outlined the initiative, recommending approval.

As part of the public hearing process, council hears submissions for and against applications.

At the June 18 public hearing, there was one written and one oral presentation made in favour of the re zoning, while four people voiced their opposition.

Concerns raised included the understanding by residents of the original area of Mount Cameron Estates that the subdivision was meant for solely single family Comprar Gh Jintropin dwellings.

Another issue was increased traffic opponents said would come with the development, 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron including during construction, which would lead to safety concerns.

Issues with the potential effect on the tranquility Steroids Injection Gone Wrong of the neighbourhood, along with property values, were also expressed.

"There were no modifications made whatsoever.

"The questions that had been asked at the public hearing fell under the policies that were already there that had been given as a recommendation by the planning commission," Warden Russell Boucher said when asked if the approved re zoning application had been changed.

"We are looking forward to seeing the development happen and looking "Anadrol 50" forward to seeing the accommodations there for people who are looking to move into self contained housing," he added, noting it is "a very large project, at that."

He noted the development "will help the coffers of the county."

"One of the major ones that we saw was the travel of Injectable Steroids Online Uk traffic through the subdivision, but we have no control over that," Boucher said when asked what some of the points were from those opposed to the development agreement.

"The people who are doing the project are asking their trucks to make sure they go on the lower road [when entering the subdivision].

"But, it is very hard for the rest of the traffic to be dictated by us; that's not what we do, but we did listen to [concerns], but we had to look at the overall benefits of the whole area.

"We felt the project going forward would be of benefit to the majority of the people," he added.

After the July 3 meeting, Boucher confirmed to reporters the county has made an application to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia regarding the assessment status of the Exhibition Grounds.

Earlier this year, municipal officials made an appeal to Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC), which is mandated under the Nova Scotia Assessment Act to assess every property in Nova Scotia, of the property's commercial status.

In a Feb. 28, 2013 letter, Robert W. Andrews, PVSC corporate counsel, indicated, under the Nova Scotia Assessment Act, such an application must be made to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.

"The appeal was filed late last week," Boucher told reporters after the July 3 special council meeting.

"We are also hoping the town will look at the fact a private member's bill could be another way to do it and just as easily done, where we already have our letter in regard to it, therefore the second part of it is the other municipal unit doing it.

"They had stated may times before when the monies were pending that would happen as soon as the monies were paid out, so we are hoping that will be the case," Boucher added.

With a private member's bill, the Exhibition Grounds would be provided with a property tax "Anabolika Definition" exemption through an enactment of the Nova Scotia Legislature.

The county paid an outstanding tax bill for the property, which it leases to the Antigonish Guysborough Federation of Agriculture (AGFA), June 19, of more than $371,000.

As for those monies doled out last month, Boucher said the monies were "accrued as we went along."

Council received correspondence from StFX regarding its plan for the establishment of a biomass facility on property it owns in the county.